Invite Old Havana to your next party, meeting, or social gathering!

Please note: all catering orders must be placed a minimum of 48 hours in advance––earlier is always better than later as we do fill up and are unable to accept all requests.

Tapas Platter
16 croquetas
10 malanga fritters
10 zorza
Served with 3 accompaniments - piklis, mojo, brava sauce
Cost: $35
Cuban Slider
Caney Slider
Elena Ruth Slider
Gallego Slider
Veggie Slider
Cost: $3.75 each
Finger Sandwiches available in each of these styles for $3.00 each (must be ordered in batches of 3)
Large Spanish-style Empanada:
Empanada gallega
Empanada de vegetales
Empanada de pollo
Cost: $15 each (serves 4-8)


Cuban Slider - slow roasted pork, mustard, pickle

Caney Slider - slow roasted pork, mustard, cheese, avocado

Not So Cuban Slider - turkey, mustard, cheese, avocado

San Fernando Slider - chicken in a white wine and tomato sauce with onions and green olives

Veggie Slider - black bean paste topped with pickled veggies

Cost: $3.75 each (minimum of 10). Sliders are served on Guglhupf's famous miniature brioche rolls.

Finger Sandwiches available in each of these styles for $3.00 each (minimum of 10). Finger sandwiches are made with our sub roll bread and sliced in thirds. They're the perfect serving size for finger foods.

Recomended serving amount: We recommend 1.5 - 2 sliders or finger sandwiches per person, depending on the number of sides you choose.


Arroz Congris (Black beans cooked with rice, a Cuban specialty!) - serves 15-20 per tray
Cost: $30 for 1 tray; $50 for 2 trays

Maduros (Sweet plaintains) - serves 10-12
Cost: $15 per tray

Fresh Salad - serves 10-12
Cost: $25 per tray


Natilla - Cuban vanilla custard
Cost: $3.50 each; +$1 deposit on container

Mantecaditos - House-made traditional Cuban cookies, reminiscent of shortbread
Cost: $8 / dozen

Frutas secas - An assortment of dried  figs, dates, apricots, and marcona almonds, with local honey for dipping; serves 6-8
Cost: $15 per tray


$10-$20, depending on distance. Delivery is only available within the Triangle.

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