The Lost Dishes of Cuba - April 2017 Dinner

Discover The Lost Dishes of Cuba through a special 4 course dinner - Friday, April 21, 7:00pm

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We’re serving a special 4 course meal featuring local products and historic dishes from Cuba that have been lost to time:

  • 1st Course: Pescado cocido a la yucateca. "Fish cooked in the style of Yucatan." NC fish cooked with vinegar and seasonings. Served cold.
  • 2nd Course: Sopa de ajo. "Garlic soup."  A soup of garlic, mint, and savory herbs.
  • 3rd Course: Arroz con almejas. "Rice with clams." A paella-style rice made with NC clams, saffron, and herbs.
  • 4th Course: Bizcochos de crema y fresas. "Cream cake with strawberries." An old-world spin on the classic strawberry shortcake, featuring fresh, NC strawberries.

Carefully selected wines will be available to pair with each course for $5 a glass.

This is a single seating event and spaces are limited. Buy your tickets today! (Please bring your emailed confirmation as your ticket.)

Please note: This menu is still developing and details may change.



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