Six Courses for Six Years

Celebrate 6 Years of Old Havana with a 6-course Mangalitsa Pork Dinner
Friday, February 17, 7:00 pm.

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Over a year ago, we brought in the first Mangalitsa pigs of the Triangle as a project in partnership with Bull City Farm. We'll be serving the first of those pigs at our celebratory 6th Anniversary dinner.

The 6 course meal will feature the highly prized mangalitsa pork in each dish (yes, even the dessert). The menu istelf has been inspired by Cuban dishes from the 19th century.

  • 1st Course: Lomo. Cured pork loin.
  • 2nd Course: La trinidad. Liver pate; lardo; rillete served on toast points.
  • 3rd Course: Sopa de frijoles blanco. White bean soup with trotters, tail, and ham.
  • 4th Course: Coppa with local vegetables.
  • 5th Course: Arroz con garbanzos served in individual paellas.
  • 6th Course: Chocolate Tart with a lard crust. Dusted with salted chicharrones.

Carefully selected wines will be available to pair with each course for $6 a glass.

This is a single seating event and spaces are limited. Tickets cost $66, plus a 15% gratuity, included in the cost.

Buy your tickets today! (Please bring your emailed confirmation as your ticket.)

Please note: This menu is still developing and details may change.