• Havana


    This classic from Cuba’s capital city features slow roasted pork, house-cured ham, cheese, pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce. $8.75

  • El Caney

    El Caney

    Named for a Cuban town renowned for its avocadoes, this twist on a Cuban sandwich brings together our slow roasted pork, avocado, cheese, a touch of mustard, and mojo sauce. $8.75

  • Tampa


    Created by the Cuban immigrant community in the Floridian city, this sandwich brings together slow roasted pork, housecured ham, cheese, salami, pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce. $8.95

  • Santiago

    Hailing from Cuba’s eastern capital, this sandwich highlights the best of slow roasted pork, topped with a little mustard and mojo sauce. $8.25

  • Ellis Island

    A classic grilled ham and cheese sandwich made with our house-cured ham, cheese, pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce. $8.25

  • Veracruz

    Named for a town in Mexico with a strong Afro-Cuban population, this sandwich o ers slow roasted pork, pork skin cooked in tomato sauce, cheese, mustard, and mojo sauce. $8.75

  • Paris

    Paris meets Cuba in this sandwich with our house-made pate, house-cured ham, cheese, pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce. $8.95

  • Saigon

    A Cuban spin on the beloved Bâhn Mì sandwich with slowroasted pork, house-made pate, fresh pickled veggies, mustard, and topped with Sriracha sauce. $8.95

  • Not so Cuban

    We’ve combined all-natural roasted turkey and cheese, avocado, a touch of mustard, and mojo sauce to create a delicious, if not Cuban, sandwich. (Pork-free.) $8.25

  • San Fernando

    This sandwich features roasted chicken simmered in a rich tomato and white wine sauce with sauteed onions, olives, and paprika. (Pork-free.) $8.25

  • Cienfuegos

    Named for the seaside town, this sandwich features tuna salad with house-made aioli*, roasted red peppers, pickled onions, and a sprinkling of capers. (Pork-free.) $8.25

  • Camaguey

    This generous grilled cheese sandwich, which includes pickle, mustard, and mojo sauce, is named for the Cuban town and province known for its cheese. (Vegetarian friendly.) $7.50

  • Baracoa

    This sandwich, filled with black bean paste made from organic beans, is topped with mustard, pickle, and mojo sauce. (Vegetarian friendly; Vegan.) $7.50

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  • Sampler Plate

    Get a taste of Old Havana with a generous serving of slow-roasted pork, tender rice, slow-cooked black beans, and our much-loved maduros. $10.50

  • Vegetarian Plate

    You don’t have to eat meat to have an authentic, satisfying Cuban meal. A combination of our rice, slowcooked black beans, and a full order of our famous maduros. $7.50

  • Luncheon Plate

    Enjoy the best of our slow-roasted pork with rice and four pieces of our famous maduros. For an extra special treat ask for our pork drippings drizzled on your rice. $8.00

  • Masas de Puerco Frito

    Delicious pieces of deep-fried quick-cured pork belly and ribs served with tender rice, slow-cooked black beans, and maduros. $10.50

  • White Bean Soup

    White Bean Soup

    This thick, creamy soup is made with white beans, local pasture-raised pork, zorza, and our house-made stock. $8.50 (meal), $3.50 (cup)

  • El Obrero

    El Obrero

    A favorite at our Sunday brunch! Slow roasted pork, a fried egg, maduros, and arroz congris (white rice cooked with black beans). $10.50

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  • Arroz

    This moist and tender white rice is the perfect pairing to the Frijoles Negros. For an extra special treat ask fora spoonful of our pork drippings drizzled on top. $2.50

  • Frijoles Negros

    Our traditionally slow-cooked Cuban-style organic black beans are vegetarian friendly and can be eaten alongside white rice or as a soup on their own. $3.00 cup / $4.50 bowl

  • Maduros

    These oven-roasted, ripe sweet plantains have delightful crispy edges. 2 for $0.80, 8 for $3.00

  • Croquetas

    Hushpuppy meets pork in this classic Cuban fritter that has deep roots in Spain. $3.75

  • Papas Bravas

    Potatoes fried in our house-rendered lard, served with paprika and a spicy aioli* dipping sauce. (Vegetarian & gluten-free by request.) $3.50

  • Tostones

    Tostones - Green plantains fried to a golden crisp in our houserendered lard. (Vegetarian & gluten-free by request.) 6 for $3.50

  • Cuban Sliders

    Our famous slow-roasted pork served on a brioche slider roll with mustard and pickle. $3.75 ea / 2 for $ 7.00 / 3 for $10.00

  • Zorza

    Our house-made fresh chorizo sausage, made from pork belly and seasoned with paprika and garlic. Served with sliced bread and olives. $4.50

  • Pork Pate

    Our house-made pork pate (no liver). Served with pickled vegetables. $4.50

  • Plato de Quesos

    A selection of Spanish cheeses. Accompanied by classic Spanish olives and sliced bread. $6.95

  • Spanish Olives

    A small bowl of Spain’s signature aceitunas. $2.50

  • Cuban Toasts

    Tostada (Cuban Toast with Butter) $2.00; Pan con timba (Toast with Guava) $2.50; Tostada con queso (Cheese Toast) $3.00

  • Plantain Chips

    These thinly-cut fried plantains make a tasty alternative to potato chips. 1 bag. $2.00

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  • House Sodas

    House Sodas

    Enjoy one of our house-made sodas made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. Includes 1 refill. $2.00

  • Iced Tea

    Enjoy a glass of iced tea made with whole leaf, fair trade black tea. Includes 1 refill. $2.00

  • Bottled Drinks

    Select from one of the refreshing bottled drinks in the cooler. $2.00

  • Juice

    Choose from a glass of orange juice or mango nectar. $2.50

  • Milk

    Enjoy a glass of local milk from Maple View Farms. $1.70

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  • Wine

    Ask about our current selection of Red, White, and Sparkling wines. Served by the glass or by the bottle.

  • Wine - 1/2 Bottle

    A half bottle of our house red or white wine. $12

  • Local Beer

    Ask for this draft beer week’s selections from Fullsteam Brewery. $4.00 pint / $10 Pitcher / $2.50 Half Pint

  • Mojito

    The unofficial drink of Cuba. Made with fresh mint, white rum, simple syrup, and sparkling water. $8.00

  • Cuba Libre

    Drink to a free Cuba with this classic cocktail made with Coke, rum, and a hint of lime. $6.00

  • Daiquiri

    You don't have to be Hemingway to enjoy this classic made with fresh squeezed lime, white rum, simple syrup, and a hint of bitters. $8.00

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  • Mantecaditos


    Traditional Cuban cookies. (Made with house-rendered lard.) $0.75 ea; 3 for $2.00

  • Natilla


    A traditional Cuban vanilla custard. $3.50

  • Guava Pie

    Guava Pie

    Made by Shoofly Pies and Cakes. Friday-Sunday only. $4.00

  • Cupcakes


    Made by Shoofly Pies and Cakes. Friday-Sunday only. 3.50

  • Carrot Cake

    Made by Moorehead Manor in Durham. Friday-Sunday only. $4.00

  • Frutas Secas

    An assortment of dried  figs, dates, apricots, marcona almonds, and local honey. $4.50

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Cafecitos & Teas

  • Cafe cubano

    Rich espresso with a traditional sugar infusion. $1.50

  • Cortadito

    Cafe cubano with a dash of warm, frothed milk. $1.65

  • Cafe con leche

    Cafe cubano with two parts warm, frothed milk. $2.15 reg / $3.15 large / $2.65 iced

  • Americano

    A rich, flavorful cousin to American style cofee. $2.15

  • Teas

    From Mighty Leaf Teas: Organic Black Tea, Green Tea, Chamomile, Ginger $2.50

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We are committed to running a fair and responsible business serving only the finest ingredients. Some of the local farmers and providers we support include Parker Family Farms, Green Button Farm, Dig It Farm, Maple View Farms, Latta Family Farms, Guglhupf Bakery, Imagine That! Gluten Free, ShooFly Pies and Cakes, and Fullsteam Brewery.