Old Havana Eats: What is not to love about Cuban pork?

What is not to love about Cuban pork? Nothing. In fact, it is among the Latin dishes to die for. The taste and the flavors especially will keep you coming back for more. The taste? Fantastic. As such, many people are always in the lookout for a restaurant that can sell this. They even drive out of their garage door in Wichita and down the road just for a taste of this sumptuous dish. Who can blame them? Since we have tasted this special dishes, definitely not us. Taste it to believe it especially if you are living in the area of Wichita.

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Here in Wichita, Old Havana Eats has been established for the people to enjoy the excellent Cuban dishes we have to offer.



Admit it, not every time you are served with high-quality dishes so we aim to address that here. We want to introduce to the people in this area what they are missing out on.

Latin Cosine

Granted, there are many Latin restaurants that can already be found in the area. But we guarantee to you that we are not like them. Not even close.

What more we can offer?

This is because all the dishes that we serve here in our restaurant comes with the freshest ingredients straight from the farm. They are carefully handled so that they remain as is while they are being delivered to our restaurant which our cook serves directly to the table of our patrons. From pork, meat, chicken, vegetables, condiments, and more, we guarantee you the best. We do not compromise here. In fact, we live in our mantra of farm to table Cuban dishes. You can taste this and more if you decide to reserve a table at our restaurant today.

Clarissa Wolman

“Old Havana Eats is exceptional in its quality. This can be applied not only to the dishes that we serve here but also to the quality of service that we provide. We treat every person here with the same urgency as we strive to give them the best services that they deserve.”

Lora Spielberg

“Moreover, you will definitely love our restaurant because of the homey and rustic ambiance that it offers. Especially at night, our place gives off a romantic vibe. You can bring here your whole family to taste the great food that we offer.’

Christopher Brown

“We are proud to tell you that we serve here the best portion of homegrown cattle and other excellent parts of other farm animals that we grow ourselves. They are cooked in slow heat. This is the reason why its taste and juiciness is retained when we serve them to you. They are not with preservatives too so you can guarantee that every dish is healthy for you.”

Enlightenment is not just one state

Old Havana Eats is proud to tell you that you are going to get a great experience here. Our staff is really very friendly and polite. You can trust them to be attentive to all of your needs while you are at our restaurant. So what are you still waiting for? Call us now and reserve a table for dinner today. We’ll be waiting.

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