About Us


Old Havana Eats was established by immigrant Jaime Vega who came all the way from Cuba. His inspiration in establishing this business is his wife whom he met exactly where the restaurant currently stands. It used to be a French restaurant back during the early 90’s. It was forced to close its doors to the public due to bankruptcy.

Vegas’s wife was working there as an assistant cook back during the day. She was very hands-on that she acts as a manager too oftentimes as she comes out to greet the people every once in a while. That was where they met. One can say that it is love at first sight because they got married only a week after and so far, they are still living as a happy couple.

As a couple, they dreamt of establishing their own restaurant as they dined at the French restaurant located in this area before. It became their hangout place as they dream about their future. They even put up a savings account back then in preparation for the next step they are going to take in their married life. When the French restaurant closed, they decided to realize their dream at the exact same area which is where they started dreaming. Many years after, they already managed to put up branches in many areas in the United States.

One thing they are very particular of is getting all the ingredients only straight from their very own farm to ensure the quality of it. In case they do not have what they need, they outsource it to other local producers. So far, this is among the reason why people continuously flock to this restaurant which also contributes to the good tasting of their food. Try it yourself to believe it. We promise you will not regret it.