Instantly: details about the new limit

Instantly: details about the new limit

A female will get expecting if the an effective man’s spunk is located at one from the woman egg (ova). Birth-control tries to avoid this going on by continuing to keep the brand new eggs and you may spunk apart otherwise from the closing egg manufacturing. One method regarding birth prevention is the cover.

The new birth-control limit try a curved dome made from slim, delicate silicone polymer. It’s inserted towards genitals just before gender, and you will covers the latest cervix to make sure that spunk cannot go into new womb. You can utilize spermicide inside (spermicide eliminates jizz). Spermicide appear just like the solution, ointments, foams and you can pessaries.

This new cover must be left in position getting six days immediately following sex. After that timing, you take from cap and tidy they. Hats is actually recyclable. Specific names are in different sizes. They might be customized so that you can select the right you to to possess on your own.

There are 2 sorts of limit readily available at the moment, Femcap and you can Caya. Femcap comes in step 3 designs. The shape you utilize relies on if or not you have been expecting prior to. Caya is available in one dimensions. Femcap and you can Caya are manufactured in order to match him or her oneself.

Truth be told there are not of numerous large-quality training away from hats. It’s essentially considered that when made use of accurately with spermicide, the newest cap are ninety-five to 96% with the capacity of blocking pregnancy. Continue reading “Instantly: details about the new limit”