Study here about lebanese and various other problem

Study here about lebanese and various other problem


Enough of this success bull crap. They are dedicating the triumph to the which and people and lebanese group and march 14 and february 31, and hezballa. It’s all crap and shit. So we won? What a lie, just what a nation, what a screwed up folks. It is vomiting in head. Participate in the lebanese military and stay more powerful altogether. Understanding incorrect using this. Oh yeah, you can’t name your self islamic opposition any longer. It’s very ill.

In my opinion we must start collecting money and supply sunnis or christians, so that they combat israel as well. Truthfully. And even syria, who will not prevent threattening us. Yeah, syria. Similar to HA would like to lessen any future israeli danger, you should be stopping recent syrian risks. Allow the many friends start the armement processes. I’ll begin a fundraising to arm christian militias to guard lebanon from syria’s threat. How about that fuckers?


The speeches in the last 2 days verified the balance of electricity and obviously determined who is who within battle. From the very first camp, Israel and Bush stated success. Continue reading “Study here about lebanese and various other problem”