Intel’s Race: Intel vs Intel versus AMD

Intel’s Race: Intel vs Intel versus AMD

As we noticed in our Core i7-11700K review, within $399/$419, the latest Ryzen 7 5800X within $449 is actually an effective research part

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Earliest, it is $140 cheaper than the Key i9-K, therefore simply manages to lose just a few hundred MHz. One departs brand new Key i9 higher and you can dry to your date you to. Unless there’s something special in this chip i have not been informed about this we have to see been merchandising day to your March 31 th , which is a vast cost differences to have a small abilities variation.

Next ‘s the relative AMD processor, the fresh new Ryzen eight 5800X, that has 8 cores and it has good $449 Sep. If the one another processors were bought at this type of cost, then your comparison is a good that the fresh new Ryzen eight 5800X within investigations obtained +8% within the Cpu examination and you may +1% from inside the gaming evaluating (1080p Max). The new Ryzen is very much indeed the greater number of electricity-efficient chip, nevertheless the Intel has actually integrated graphics (a disagreement you to definitely vanishes having KF in the $374). It would be fascinating observe what recommendations individuals come to with this cost.

Brand new Key i5 advances aside much with additional products, of $157 to your Core i5-11400F, up to $262 for the Key i5-11600K. All of these processors have six cores and you may several posts, every feel the antique Intel Turbo 2.0, and all sorts of service DDR4-3200 (2:1) or DDR4-2933 (1:1).

Various other huge difference in these bits is the fact that Key i5-11400 and you may Center i5-11400T have UHD Image 730, maybe not 750, and thus using an excellent twenty four Eu arrangement rather than the complete thirty two EUs.

Which have the Center i9 in addition to Core i7 are 7 cores and you can 16 posts, the brand new pure opponent so you can both would-be both (a) Intel’s earlier generation from processors or (b) AMD’s Ryzen seven 5800X, which is just starting to come back into business with enough inventory it can easily be bought at the the suggested retail price. Continue reading “Intel’s Race: Intel vs Intel versus AMD”