5 items you got to know about Cartagena ladies

5 items you got to know about Cartagena ladies


Cartagena try Colombia’s fourth-largest area after Bogota, Medellin, and Cali. Its one of Colombia’s major Caribbean spots in addition to Santa Marta.

Colombia getting a really varied country, Cartagena is actually drastically distinctive from one other Colombia’s cities. Its a tropical town, it offers a good beach, as well as the men and women are a lot friendlier than those in money of Bogota and/or Medellin.

Even though you can very quickly travel truth be told there from around Colombia, you may want to fly directly from Miami via an easy 3-4 time flight.

Direction and logistics

Cartagena are divided into several locations which you may pick of great interest. Absolutely the picturesque older town, the great beaches, the more recent community with brand-new apartments and glitzy malls.

A simple way to obtain around Cartagena could be via the affordable cab. You are able to incorporate public transit, nevertheless would help to see where you’re going and to understand Spanish if you become last and require some assistance.

In general, taxis do a fantastic job of having one the destination, very unless you’re looking to save a few bucks here and there, taxis should be most of your mode of operation inside town.

Cartagena lady traits

Similar to just how Cartagena is very distinctive from with the rest of Colombia, the ladies in Cartagena may different from the feamales in Medellin, Bogota or Cali.

They’re richer, less, and appearance extra African and indigenous compared to the considerably fair-skinned feamales in the interior places. Continue reading “5 items you got to know about Cartagena ladies”