Instantly: details about the new limit

Instantly: details about the new limit

A female will get expecting if the an effective man’s spunk is located at one from the woman egg (ova). Birth-control tries to avoid this going on by continuing to keep the brand new eggs and you may spunk apart otherwise from the closing egg manufacturing. One method regarding birth prevention is the cover.

The new birth-control limit try a curved dome made from slim, delicate silicone polymer. It’s inserted towards genitals just before gender, and you will covers the latest cervix to make sure that spunk cannot go into new womb. You can utilize spermicide inside (spermicide eliminates jizz). Spermicide appear just like the solution, ointments, foams and you can pessaries.

This new cover must be left in position getting six days immediately following sex. After that timing, you take from cap and tidy they. Hats is actually recyclable. Specific names are in different sizes. They might be customized so that you can select the right you to to possess on your own.

There are 2 sorts of limit readily available at the moment, Femcap and you can Caya. Femcap comes in step 3 designs. The shape you utilize relies on if or not you have been expecting prior to. Caya is available in one dimensions. Femcap and you can Caya are manufactured in order to match him or her oneself.

Truth be told there are not of numerous large-quality training away from hats. It’s essentially considered that when made use of accurately with spermicide, the newest cap are ninety-five to 96% with the capacity of blocking pregnancy. This is why ranging from cuatro and 8 lady from every one hundred just who use a cap as the birth control will become pregnant into the annually.

In real world fool around with at the very least 12 feamales in one hundred an effective season conceive because individuals ignore to use the brand new cover otherwise never place it inside securely (88% effective).

You need a lot more spermicide in case the cap has been doing place for step 3 hours or maybe more prior to gender, or if sex is actually frequent to your limit set up.

When you yourself have a child, miscarriage otherwise abortion, you might have to end up being suitable with a new measurements of limit.

How cap work

A limit, such an effective diaphragm, was a boundary type birth prevention. It suits within your snatch and you can inhibits sperm from passing due to the entrances of your own uterus (brand new cervix).

On the 80% of women discover a cap that meets them. You can buy a cap within particular GP practices, sexual wellness centers, and many young people’s properties.

Working within the stopping maternity, the new limit has to be used in combination with spermicide, that is a chemical one eliminates spunk.

You merely play with a cover if you have sex. You must leave it in for no less than 6 circumstances once the final go out you have intercourse. You could potentially let it rest set for up to 48 hours.

Keeping a birth control cap

  1. With brush give, complete one third of one’s cover which have spermicide, but do not put one spermicide within the rim, that stop brand new limit staying in place.
  2. Femcap enjoys a beneficial groove between your dome together with rim – particular spermicide should be set around.
  3. Fit the sides of the cover along with her and wait between their thumb and first two fingers.
  4. Slip the brand new limit into your vagina, right up.
  5. The brand new cap must match perfectly more than your own cervix – it stays in place of the sucking.
  6. Certain women squat because they set their cover in, although some lie down or sit that have one-foot on a seat – make use of the condition that’s trusted for you.
  7. You might submit a cover to step 3 period one which just make love – after that time, you will have to remove it and set a few more spermicide inside.

Should you get a cap, routine utilizing it before you could rely on it to possess contraception. Thus giving you the chance to understand how to utilize it safely, find out how they seems to discover when it is suitable for your. Up until you will be convinced you happen to be using the cap precisely, you may want to use most birth control, such condoms, when you yourself have sex.