Study here about lebanese and various other problem

Study here about lebanese and various other problem


Enough of this success bull crap. They are dedicating the triumph to the which and people and lebanese group and march 14 and february 31, and hezballa. It’s all crap and shit. So we won? What a lie, just what a nation, what a screwed up folks. It is vomiting in head. Participate in the lebanese military and stay more powerful altogether. Understanding incorrect using this. Oh yeah, you can’t name your self islamic opposition any longer. It’s very ill.

In my opinion we must start collecting money and supply sunnis or christians, so that they combat israel as well. Truthfully. And even syria, who will not prevent threattening us. Yeah, syria. Similar to HA would like to lessen any future israeli danger, you should be stopping recent syrian risks. Allow the many friends start the armement processes. I’ll begin a fundraising to arm christian militias to guard lebanon from syria’s threat. How about that fuckers?


The speeches in the last 2 days verified the balance of electricity and obviously determined who is who within battle. From the very first camp, Israel and Bush stated success. This is certainly definitely early. Through the other side, Iran declared success making dangers, Syria’s bunny stated success and forecasted, quite ordered, late March 14, last but not least Hassouneh stated a historic victory making lot of risks. Michel Aoun, to his credit score rating, didn’t declare victory, nevertheless was actually evident the bitch they are prepared to do everything getting a president. Day or two before the cease fire, he claimed that the government knew and recommended associated with the war, in which he fell in short supply of utilizing the phrase traitors. Without a doubt this might be true, but also for your to state this merely reveals the complete promote out he’s. His agreement with HA is ideal explained by the arabic stating: “3zamna el hmar 3al3ers bas tankari 3lay”, meaning the donkey ended up being invited towards the marriage mainly for transportation purposes. Bad lebanon.

Few head turners yesterday/today:- Mouallem proclaimed that lebanon and syria can determine the fate of shebaa merely after the golan is actually liberated. Without a doubt which means HA will not ever disarm since syria is not into the golan levels. In the event that golan levels are returned, the baath will shed the reasons to can be found as well as the start of their conclusion will start. To any or all you arabs attempting to go back the golan by bloodstream, you need to very first cure baath. To any or all the lebanese admitting that HA must be disarmed after shebaa try returned, wake-up since shebaa is a justification which preuldes another justification preluding another people and your. HA features reasons much and beyond that which you listen to, simply make use of a significantly better alarm and wake up.- Hassouneh re-iterating your hands will be provided to a believing country and when “shebaa, prisonners, AND safeguarding lebanon from any israeli hazards” problem are fixed. Few months ago he said he’ll disarm once the israeli hazard are missing from entire part. Does part suggests planet or solar system? Bottom line, HA wishes an islamic country and desires take control of lebanon in the course of time, or at least protect his very own islamic “believing” and “resisting” condition during the secure of lebanon. For you aounists out there, wake up.- Now, I read Hisham Milhim speaking jewels on CNN. He said Nasrallah can stand on the mountains of rubbles and set HA banner and declare victory, it is this success? HA cannot declare a legit success and should not end israel from doing whatever it wishes in Lebanon. HA and israel both lost since both needed the cease fire asap.