Love the food here so much. This is not a normal restaurant because the food they offer here is extremely delicious. Even the guacamole that they serve taste really good. It is second to none, unlike many dishes I have already tasted before. This is the reason why this has already become the regular hangout place for my whole family. We come here almost every Sunday. There are times when we are feeling too lazy to drive that we ask them to come to our place. Yes, this place delivers too which is really heaven sent. Make sure to come to this place at least once to get a taste of the food they are offering here. Too delicious to resist, I tell you.


This is perhaps the best Cuban restaurant I have tasted so far. I super love their pulled pork which is really very delicious. We promise you that you’d want for nothing more when you decide to come here. The food they have here is life-changing in their sumptuousness. Plus, the prices are very reasonable too. You’ll have no reason to come here to taste the goodies they offer.


The ambiance of this place is so good and their services too. The staff anticipates the problems even before they occur. They are very attentive to our needs that they know the problems even before they have occurred. What more is that the food here tastes really good too. This restaurant is highly recommended.


I like that this restaurant delivers dishes straight to your doorsteps. This is one of my most favorite places to come to for a quick fix night and day. As such, them having a delivery service is really very convenient. Not only can I save gas but I can save time and effort as well.